Integration Without Frustration

Easily Connect Your
Tech to Create a Flexible, Efficient Workflow Tailored to Your Cannabis Operation.



CannCurrent's centralized integration layer ("CIL") serves as the brain that ties all of the disparate 3rd party software solutions together into a flexible workflow that seamlessly scales as you grow.



Single Touchpoint

Provides one centralized  hub for your technology vendors to integrate with creating a smoother, faster and more efficient deployment process for implementing new software. 

Simplify Communication

Isolates each 3rd party software solution, eliminating the need for each solution to communicate directly with one another making it easier to identify bugs.

Automated & Efficient

Triggers events without requiring human intervention thereby increasing efficiency & productivity while reducing the potential for human error.

Migrate, Manage & Scale

Seamlessly add new software into your workflows & deploy the solution across your entire cannabis operation without disrupting the existing infrastructure.



Our team serves as your tech partner to identify, architect and maintain the optimal software for your cannabis operation


CannCurrent connects with all of your software solutions to create a scalable, customized workflow


We spearheard the on-boarding process, delivering a fully integrated, flexible workflow that works across your enitre portfolio



The CannCurrent team is comprised of award-winning technology and retail veterans. On the retail side we have experience successfully launching and growing both physical and e-commerce stores while our technology team has over 20+ years of experience developing, deploying and maintaining large-scale multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SAAS) solutions.  This puts us in the unique position to both understand the complexities that come along with running an efficient retail operation as well as have the tech know-how to build a best-in-class solution. 



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